We offer three different sizes of our black Angus beef CSA shares: 25 lbs. (great size for starting out) , 100 lbs. (equivalent of what you would get from 1/4 of a cow), and 200 lbs. (equivalent of what you would get from 1/2 of a cow). You can pick up your shares at any of the markets we attend on Saturdays or Tuesdays (Western Wake Farmer's Market, Chapel Hill Farmer's Market and Duke Mobile Market).

We are different from produce CSAs in that you can pick and choose the cuts you would like out of your pre-paid package (as shown below). That means you don't have to come to pick up every week if you don't want to. That also means you can take as much or as little as you like when you do pick up (until your share is finished). So, for example, if you chose the 100 lbs. share, you could pick up 1 roast, 2 NY strips, and 3 packs of ground beef. That means you would have 6 roasts left, 3 NY strips, and 29 packs of ground beef (plus the other cuts listed) remaining in your share. Below you can find the price list and the products offered for each of the CSA shares. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us.

              25 lbs.x7.00=$175.                100 lbs.x6.25=$625.        200 lbs.x6.00=$1200.
Ribeye Steak                     2                                          7                                        14
NY Strip                              2                                          5                                        10
Sirloin Steak                      2                                          7                                        14
Cubed Steak                     2                                          8                                        16
Roast (or) Ribs                  2                                          7                                        14
Stew Beef                          2                                          8                                        16
Ground Beef                      8                                          32                                       64
Flank                                   2                                          7                                        14

* CSA Packs *

All beef selections are processed and vacuum sealed in a USDA inspected facility for your safety.